Everything has a cost implication and different jobs call for different costs.

Steps to understanding the probable cost include :

  1. What is your Preference ? Does Jester Fit the style that you are looking for ( Look for a photographer because of what they do , Visit their Instagram pages , websites , and or Facebook pages).  Different photographers have different styles , (which does not necessary mean that we can not shoot a different style ). Its Very critical because if it does not then please don`t even ask for a quote since we may end up disappointing each other.
  2. Client Meet – If Jester Comes close to what you like then contact us so that we can chat through your expectation. it is very key as we will be able to advice on a few issue here and there.
  3. Cost – It is a factor but i believe where there is a will the way will be there for sure.
  4. Speak Your Mind –  It would be good to tell your photographer what you have and discuss. It might always surprise you that many photographers may ( and mark my words ” many ” , “not all” , “May” and not “will”.)  click away even with no pay ( do not misuse this bit ) because its a passion. However that`s why the client meet or client chat is important, Understand the cost implications, What is possible and what is not.
  5. Book  – it is good to shop around but i find it that you get more confused by moving from one client meet to another. So have choice #1 , #2 & #3 . . .  if you do not seal the deal with the first , ( and am presuming it because of the cost , ( because already you loved the work.)) then move on two number two and by know you have a rough idea of the cost range. so lock in #2. If by now you are not able to lock in the deal think hard about the details and ask someone who has been thereon what is the best approach before you go to #3.

All the best in your choice of  a photographer.

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