Fall Season – Wariko Maternity Beauty

Levi Flame Mbugua

Levites in the bible were bestowed with Priesthood nature and those who were not Priests
worked with the priests. This was special and diffrent from all other tribes of Israel.

The Tribe was born of LEVI the 3rd Son of Jacob. ( NOW YOU KNOW )

The Holy Spirit manifest Himself in many ways and one of them is through FLAMES of fire…
Once again ( NOW YOU KNOW ). I know this family and the level of Spirit revelation of the names
to their children is , (for lack of better words ) out of this world. Levi is the second born to


Few days ago the handsome boy was born to the lovely parents and we had the honour of
freezing a few pictures of the gorgeous bump a week or two before then.

The family in the Glory of Jesus . . . 

“Chuum toto “


And may he increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.


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