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Levi Flame Mbugua

Levites in the bible were bestowed with Priesthood nature and those who were not Priests
worked with the priests. This was special and diffrent from all other tribes of Israel.

The Tribe was born of LEVI the 3rd Son of Jacob. ( NOW YOU KNOW )

The Holy Spirit manifest Himself in many ways and one of them is through FLAMES of fire…
Once again ( NOW YOU KNOW ). I know this family and the level of Spirit revelation of the names
to their children is , (for lack of better words ) out of this world. Levi is the second born to


Few days ago the handsome boy was born to the lovely parents and we had the honour of
freezing a few pictures of the gorgeous bump a week or two before then.

The family in the Glory of Jesus . . . 

“Chuum toto “


And may he increase in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.


Five Years


Today is a date that will always mark the official start of JESTER . . .** Offiicial since we knew each other for 4 years before 1st of september 2012. (*Dont skyother questions . . **)

As Royal by Tarus Riley was playing on the background sherry walked down the aisle as i watched from the front . ..Minutes later i said i do for better or worse for the rest of the life that God will give us on this earth.

Today marks 5 years  since that day and it has been awesome and we can just say THANK YOU GOD . . .  It has not been smooth  but we ain`t complaining since God has seen as through.

2.5 Years Back an addition happened in our house hold – JAYDEN WACHIRA was born and through that period we saw God in our lives. He is a big boy now almost joining school and we thank God God.

 We also are happy that in a few weeks we are expecting our second born and we thank God for blessing us thus far.

Here are a few photos of the past and more from a recent shoot we did for our second Baby bump.

Baby Bump Photos by Ben Kiruthi

Stylist: Gathoni Kiruthi

First Baby Bump .. . . 

God Bless you.

Girls Love – Sarah`s Baby Shower

Girls Love – Sarah`s Baby Shower

Pregnancies are different. From the myths, you hear about cravings and so many other things. The hormonal change is different from one person to the other.

Sarah`s was no different, (told from a photographer`s (who is a man) analysis of the event) She is a happy person naturally and her laughter is contagious.

She from the onset had her set of changes, challenges and she locked out most people out of her life for the better part of the pregnancy. She would not return calls, or even text messages. She would not hang out with her girls, (and as you know girls gone be girls). Fast forward to June and her girls did organize a baby shower for her, even after that locking out…. LOTS OF LOVE FROM THE GIRLS.

Here are photos of the lovely afternoon

The cake looked, & tasted Good…

Selfies are a must . . it does not matter where you are . . .

Sarah was shocked by the presentation at hand for her . . . ..LOVE LOVE LOVE

When the love was too much tears helped express that . . . .

she had to look all good . . . . 

Prayer is very key in our lives . . .

The hubby was given a call to see and feel the the love  . . . 

Laughter was in the air . . .. 

And contagious in the same breadth…. 

They had maaad fun ,(the game was to make diapers…..)

Sister love

Since i may not be able to post all the photos here, get to see the girls here . . . .

God Bless you for passing by.

We also wish Sarah a safe delivery